1. Nice work! Not trying to be a "gotcha" but I just wish you would let us know your anabolics intake in the video so those of us who are natural understand how the training is different than what we do. Clearly, the training is just a different regime for a different result…however, I respect the passion and effort you have put into this area.

    Again, I don't need to ask you if you use, I am educated enough for that. But just consider that you are educating people online based on techniques that are different based on your cycle.

  2. Hi Wesley, I do follow you If quite like your explanation and reasons for doing certain exercises than other.
    I have a very silly question. Hope you don't mind answering.
    Does it matter how long your session in gym should last. Normally you hear that your exercise should not be longer than an hour. Considering the amount of sets and exercises you perform it is more than an hour.
    Hope to hear from you. Kind regards

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