1. This was my 1st time back in the gym in about 3 weeks from vacay! Highly recommend for you getting back in the groove of things! Let me know how you felt after trying it for yourself 🥰

  2. I saw you struggle and followed you right away. I love this! Thank you! I hate watching youtubbers work out and looking flawless. With a smile and not even breaking a sweat. While I work out I make the ugliest faces. Thanks for being so real!

  3. This was fantastic!!! I built up a great sweat and I feel so good. I always wanted a work out buddy so I just pretended to talk to you the whole time, I know it’s weird

  4. Hi kristen, loads of love and blessings from India 🇮🇳 I love your videos and how realistically you've been presenting it up. I don't have the novelty to go to the gym and workout. Being a homemaker, half of the day I am occupied in the kitchen, my goal is to be have that sexy toned body with flat abs and toned back, arms and legs. I wanna look glowing, sexy and fantastic and 'release' that excess body fat and weight. Please make a video on full body workout which I can follow for a very long period of time, some tips videos about what a normal routine life should be while following goals. Earlier in a video, you talked about your mindset of a fit person, please elaborate on that as well.

    Love and blessings to you. You are doing amazing wherever you are right now. You look fantastic.

  5. okay I just watched your “why you’re not losing weight” vid and like, you’re the slap in the face I needed. I just did(tried to do) this workout and I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow but you made me realize that I just need to DO IT so thank you!!!

  6. Love that you left it uncut!! When you see workout videos on youtube they can make you feel like you have such a long way to go but seeing you work hard is really encouraging. Knowing that you just have to stick with it no mater what.

    Love your tattoo btw!🌹♥️

  7. Yes! Show the struggle bc the key to hiit is to keep going and finish your high intervals no matter how much you pause or how slow you go!! I do my hiit a little differently but girl I know how precious that rest time feels 😩😩 it feels like you take 2 breaths and it’s go time again

  8. I love these so much 😩 I incorporate your other HIIT workout into my routine at least once a week and I’m stoked you have another one. You’re refreshing and real and I completely dig you and your vibe

  9. …hope you realize how much of a help you are being to people…your strength, energy and determination are infectious…thank you for being here and being authentic…

  10. Thanks for not editing the struggles that means so much to me. When I’m at the gym I literally don’t wanna be there because I find it so hard to find a workout routine that I can stick with although it’s been a struggle trying to add new routines I’m just tryna to keep pushing myself to go to the gym until I finally fall in love and get use to it. Your videos have kept me going

  11. I just LOVE your HIIT WORKOUTS. I get so excited when you upload new ones. I added them on my journey and they have helped me tremendously. I am down 16lbs since the middle of October! Not to be a creep, but Love you so much btw! ❤️

  12. You’re amazing for leaving the struggle in your videos. Shows that not everything is easy. Hard work 💪

    Also what would you recommend for someone like me who feels like their joints crack when doing exercises? Like a few leg exercises make me feel like I might crack my joints along the way 😩

    I don’t wanna feel old just yet lol

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