1. I do appreciate all the videos with the recipes, the training, from every bodybuilder like you, all the tips, etc etc… but… i do say this, without hate, the videos of "my training for a day…", "what I eat in a day", etc etc… i never see one featuring work… like normal, desk or field work… would be nice to have something more "realistic" for many other people… like how to fit the training, the eating and a 8 hours of work per day (or more…) and with transportation constraints etc etc… it's amazing to see the "before" and "after"s of you guys… truly, it's inspiring, but I would like to see the before and after of people that have to work all day in something not fitness related…

    Sorry. Just wanted to put this out there, coming from who had to work, had night classes and doesn't have a car and spends almost two hours per day in public transportation (and arrives in the gym when it's full)… I'm not creating excuses to be less… I am building my way, slowly but steady… and of course with your help. So I do appreciate… but i think "relatable" fitness experiences are lacking when you share your day to day routines… and i say "you" in a general sense…


  2. Exactly what i do and i blew up. Began gymming in September and I just found out i have crazy genetics. I do all the exercises you mentioned with progressive overload. I'm turning into a monster.

  3. I'm like Maxx Chewing… I have a thin skinny frame that gets strong af but never gets big in size.. I'm 32 been trying for over a decade to grown big muscles.. it won't happen I'll just gain fat in a small calorie surplus

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