1. Great video Damien….i tried it and you can really feel your abs working….its a killer !!! i have a question for you, can i do this exercises everyday or only 3 times a week? thank you so much for all your great videos. they're very helpful. Thanks man….Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hi ,i watched your all video..they have a serial 101,102,103 but traps,delt and abs no serial like 101,102,103..so please inform me how i start those exercise?please

  3. Hi Damien New subscriber here
    by far the best fitness channel I've found on YouTube and I've looked at a lot !
    is this workout good for burning bellyfat as that is where I'm struggling the most
    also what exercises would you suggest to get rid of man boobs

    much love

  4. It is difficult for me to do ab exercise because of my big gut. Do you think I should attempt these ab exercises anyway, or slim down first? Thanks

  5. Loving the channel. Recommending to friends. How many rest are you taking in between exercises? e.g After you've finished exercise 1 and ready to add ex 2.. how much rest? thanks total alph.

  6. bought my weight ball a month ago and been procrastinating on doing this workout..but did it tonight and boy i am feeling it! thanks for the great vids and keep it up Damien!

  7. Hello I have been cutting for about two months, I was previously bulking at about 3000 calories I made some good mass and strength gains. This is my first cut I have been cutting at around 2500 calories. My calculated maintenance weight is around 2292 however I felt this is too low. I wanna cut slow to maintain much muscle. However my problem is I am leaning out in my chest area and other parts however my abs not that much. My question is should I bump my calories then do more cardio or should I reduce them further

  8. hey Damien.. it's been 3 years I m working out and I was on serious diet plan also but I was not able to get rid of lower belly fat. I do 10 or 15 mins stairs for cardio and do some abs workout before lifting weights. can you help me out losing lower belly fat.

  9. Dame…I've been working out for about two years now…I've been able to put good size on…but I now have a slight "beer belly"(that's what I call, I don't drink by the way ). Do you recommend losing fat first then doing ab exercises or both? I just want a flat stomach, I don't really care about having a six pack, I'm in my 40s so that may not be achievable for me. Any advice would be appreciated and thanks.

  10. Sup damien, first i wanna thank you for all the vids and information.. Perfect man.
    Now i wanna ask you how many times a week can we do this? I mean, are your abs like any other muscle which you can train 2x a week max so you get enough rest or can you train them every other day?

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