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  2. I only wish there was this video when I was younger, instead I went to the school of hard Knox, thank you very much for this video, so many skinny guys NEED this advice, your bravery will be contagious to them

  3. 5'11". 135-140lbs for about 13 years……..sick of being scrawny.

    Jesse, your videos have been inspirational. One of the hardest things is adding food to the diet, but I'm trying. I'm starting week 2 so….hopefully in a few months, I'll have some noticeable results.

    Props on the gains, you've given me hope and a glimpse at what I could be achieving.

  4. Ive been killing myself at the gym 6 days a week often riding my bike at night or doing the 6 pack shuffle at night, and I still for the life of me cant get this last bit of fat off my belly and that's all i really care about! I was 250 at 6.2" and now I am roughly 195 more built, strong, and healthier but I am still bummed about my belly area! I know nutrition is the main thing here I have stuck to a pretty strict sub 30-40 carb a day nutrition plan for months now and I seem to have flat lined in progress. I have cheated here or there on some days but I am mostly consistent!

    Listening to your different types of struggle that seem even harder than mine gives me hope! We all have different struggles and some perceptive is eye opening! Thanks!

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