1. Hello Kristen thanks a ton for this lovely workout….am enjoying it a lot as i could see my perfect toned arms…but i have a doubt does slim n sexy arms workout create a pressure on neck ?? Is that very common ??

  2. this works on me my arms are more toned but you have to do this everyday and do arms workouts where you hold your arms out and flap and stuff. also this took about three weeks

  3. I love all these short videos which is so precisely focus on where we want to work on!
    You are also in good shape as a good model for us!
    Keep your good work !

  4. Seeking Advice! i have larger muscles in my upset arms and across my shoulders than i would like and i don't know what excercises i should be focusing on the minimize and lengthen these muscles. i do pilates each day for my stomach, back and legs but avoid doing anything with my arms so i don't make them bigger. I'm a size 2USA, so I have no issues with my weight.

  5. I am total fitness lover and enjoy exercises that are challenging, must have seen hundreds of video workouts…you are the only one I have subscribed to….Consider urself really good 🙂

  6. Hi! I love your videos and I've been doing this for 5 days together with your slim and sexy abs and waist. I can really feel the effect in my belly because it already felt sore the first day i did it. But in this workout, the muscles in my arms doesn't hurt at all after doing this for 5 days. Do you think it is working for me and is it normal and if I keep doing this will it have an effect on my arms? Thank you!

  7. hii I want lean arms can u suggest me some exercise without any equipment. I had followed ur perfect sexy arms workout.but I want lean arms so DAT exercise is for lean àrms

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