1. i’m gonna try do this! i’ll do it for a month and will try and record my results here. i’ll start day 1 tomorrow!

    day 1:

    day 2:

    day 3:

    day 4:

    day 5:

    day 6:

    day 7:

    day 8:

    day 9:

    day 10:

    day 11:

    day 12:

    day 13:

    day 14:

    day 15:

    day 16:

    day 17:

    day 18:

    day 19:

    day 20:

    day 21:

    day 22:

    day 23:

    day 24:

    day 25:

    day 26:

    day 27:

    day 28:

    day 29:

    day 30:

    ^^ that took my ages to to type oop-

  2. New subscriber here, as promised to you & myself!! 7 minute legs ☑️ Monday one of your ab routines, then back to arms & legs. See what you can do for me Ms. Holly!! 😛

  3. I’m gonna do this twice a day for a month- my legs are already slim but my thighs r a little big so I’m doing this to tone.

    Day 1: did it one evening, felt the burn- obviously no changes
    Day 2: felt sore, did it in the morning- now I feel tight

  4. I’m gonna document my results and copy everyone in the comments
    (Also my body type is skinny as I have a strong metabolism, however I really want to tone my legs and loose some weight around the knee caps)

    Day 1: Was shaking like a leaf cause I’m so unfit lol. I’m also clearly unaware of how much space I had to do this workout cause I did it in my room and ended up whacking my foot into my cupboard. From day 1 the only thing I’ve come out with from this work out is a bruise on my foot, however I will keep going 🙂

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