1. Honestly fuck it I’m doing this I can’t be looking like a cereal box anymore 😂. I gotta glow up before school and not look like a door on the first day of school soo let’s get this shit I got a month before school starts.

  2. just to keep myself motivated i’m going to keep the 7 day workout log for this video here.

    day 1: I, of course, don’t feel different but i felt the burn.

    day 2: I felt the burn way harder today, I made sure to get tons of sleep, and eat healthy today and yesterday. I don’t look different still, because these things come with time but i feel better.

  3. Hi! Right now I have abs but they are only barely defined, and I want to tone up my sides as well as my abs. I am aware I need to eat better, so I’ll do that too during this and after.

    Day 1:

  4. After doing this I lay down and my stomach was flat
    Then I sat up to go look in the mirror and it all came back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I got my hopes up

  5. I’ve got two weeks until my holiday and I want to look good in my clothes so I will do this for 14 days and update. If I get good results I will do this regularly afterwards too.
    Starting waist measurement: 28”

    Day one: I found this quite easy surprisingly and for once I’m not going to dread exercising tomorrow 😇

    Day two: for some reason I found this more difficult than yesterday. Obviously no results yet

  6. Hey guys, so I am planning on doing this everyday for about a month before school starts to get in shape.

    IM GONNA UPDATE EVERYDAY!! for motivation and I'm basically looking to get a smaller and toned stomach especially around the pooch area (:

    Day one Aug 1, 2019: DONE
    Okay so I just finished this and I gotta admit, the side crunches and the crunches with legs up were pretty hard for me. I couldn't really feel the burn in my sides during obliques but I think that's just me not doing it right. But so far so good, hopefully I can get my dream bod by the end of this month.

    DAY 2: DONE
    I woke sore this morning ): I'm still kinda struggling with the oblique crunches and the crunches w your legs in the air. I'm noticing SMALL line down the middle of my stomach but it only comes when I flex. feeling good LETS GET THIS BOD!

    DAY 3:DONE
    Still sore, obliques and legs up moves felt like it hurt more in the upper thighs. Anyone else have this problem? But other than that MY LOWER BELLY POOCH IS GETTING SMALLER!!!!

    Day 4: DONE
    I feel like im doing the obliques wrong cus i don't feel the burn at all ):. But other than that IM GETTING LITTLE ABS/DIMPLE THINGIES ON THE TOP OF MY STOMACH. AND WHEN I FLEX I GET A LINE DOWN THE MIDDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Day 5: DONE
    I replaced the jumping exercises with planks since I live on the 3rd floor and wouldn't wanna bother my neighbors in the middle of the night. It might just be the fat squishing together or I ay be imagining it but I can sorta see lines coming down the stomach like in the shape of an "11". But then again may just be me😂😂😂

    DAY 6:DONE
    Again, replaced the side to side jumping w planks cus it's midnight. Also ate bad today ): Again, idk if im imaging it but in certain lighting my obliques kinda show!!!

  7. I started my day1 today at first i was like when tf
    is this gonna finish but it did after what felt like an hour
    i would say ill keep you updated but i think I've already give up loooool

  8. I will be doing this everyday for a month or until I say the results I want
    Day 1(July 28): ✅not gone lie it was a bit hard but I did feel it burning a whole bunch which is good.

  9. I’m gonna update y’all I promise
    So first day : not to hard not to easy my waist is still the same tho obviously buh I feel the burn 🙂
    2nd day : did everything but the side leg lift things but other wise I’m not noticing
    to much of a difference

  10. i’m gonna be doing my days ! if anybody needs motivation or is deciding whether they should start this or not , i hope my experience helps !

    day 1 ,, i’m feeling motivated , but i’m pretty sure i did some of the exercises wrong .. i hope i’ll get better and feel less burning as the days pass ! obviously i won’t have any results on the first day , but i’ll update tomorrow !

  11. hey guys, all the comments on this have motivated me to try to get more of an hourglass figure, so here’s my stuff:

    Height – 5’7
    Waist – 26.5 in
    Weight – 129 lb

    Day 1 – I definitely felt the burn, but as you guessed nothing happened the first day lol

    Day 2 – my slightly there abs definitely seemed more defined, but my waist looks the same

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