1. Dear Class FitSugar Family, we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and will continue to offer our library of free workouts. But to keep these free workouts coming, we are experimenting with different types of workout plans and programs on our new fitness marketplace, Glow. Here, you can also find workouts from your favorite trainers like Katie Dunlop, Christa DiPaolo, Body by Simone, and more! Our paid content helps ensure that we can continue to create a wide variety of free workouts for you. And this channel isn’t going anywhere! We’ll be back on Wednesday with a new Dance FitSugar workout and an all-new Class FitSugar episode on Sunday. Both are free and guaranteed to get you sweaty.

  2. Really, I have been a fan of Popsugar for years. This stinks. I love Jake DuPree workouts but now we have to pay for them?? Also, all you are posting now is dance workouts. Can we just get something like this?! I don't want to dance I want to workout. Bring back free Jake DuPree, please.

  3. This video contains the same exercises from a PS workout from Jake from long ago. At least based on this preview. And that one is 45 minutes long. Thought I’d mention, but I could be wrong.

  4. Thats stange how you are charging even for previously uploaded workout video to youtube where they are still available for free and at the same time on Glow they are sold for 0,99 dollars but still sold…thats very strange to offer the same content free and charge someone who did not know that you can get it free… And very hight price for one video 4,99 dollars if this new workout would cost a 1dollar or you would offer some subscription plan on Glow that whould be more resonable to think about buying a subcription for the new workouts…for 5 dollars, but one workout sound very expensive…and that has nothing to do with Jake love his workouts and if you agree to sell it's fine just do it the correct way…do make as from free subscribers into customers…we need more options…I think!😊

  5. You must be joking! I've been following you for 6 years now and have a 64Gb usb key full of workouts – and this preview doesn't even offer anything new from Jake!, If I get bored, I can turn to channels like GymRa or the many great people offering free workouts. It wasn't enough for you to spike your workouts with so much advertising, now you want people to pay. For that you need to add "value" like personal counselling.

  6. Also, it's "sneak peek," not "sneak peak." For example, "Jake, Christa, and Jeannette climbed to the PEAK of the mountain. Jake and Christa asked Jeannette if they could take a PEEK through her binoculars, because they forgot theirs."

  7. I don't think paying for streaming workouts is a bad thing (I do for Les Mills on Demand which I highly recommend for the price and variety). BUT most paid workouts On Demand are like $12-$15 a MONTH to access hundreds of videos so $5 for 1 30 min. video is steep IMO.

  8. I don't think that it's fair to require us to pay for workouts now. What people loved about PopSugar was that it treated people fairly by providing everyone with access to these full workout classes. Why the need to pay for them now? This is a disservice to your loyal supporters

  9. Apologies, but I am also disappointed that the channel is not fee anymore. Ana, would be so kind as to let us know how you are going to proceed from now on? It would be important for us, who use this channel to keep fit, to know if we will still be able to access old videos and if you are going to make new ones available for free. Thanks

  10. Huge fan of popsugar however there are many channels on youtube that offer free quality workouts that I love and enjoy. You've lost a loyal viewer.

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