1. I’m blown away that a 10 second penalty was added to Brooke Wells’ time and essentially eliminated her from the games. She’s a top competitor.

    A one second penalty in this type of event is devastating, why does a 10 second penalty exist? These athletes work all year to be able to compete at this level. Terrible.

  2. The women's leader has to be on testosterone. Half the top women look like men. No way in fucking hell this is strongly drug tested.

  3. why the hell do you need someone to tell you the top times? Cant you just…look at the board and pick them out? The team in control of the times looked like a pack of idiots. And I wished they would explain why Brooke got such a severe penalty, it basically eliminated her from the Games and no one is explaining why

  4. Im really really hating the event workouts so far. It's all suited for speed and endurance, there's no strength or technique. It's favoring younger unknown athletes and your top name veteran athletes are getting cut. Its going to make for an unwatchable final. This is just awful.
    Did they anticipate this, or did Rogue get cheap because they didn't want to supply and transport all the weights.

  5. Can someone explain the reasoning behind the 'cut' system? I thought one of the key reasons of having the CrossFit games is so everyone could showcase their strengths (and weaknesses). But if they are cutting people event by event then many of them will never get an opportunity to show their particular strengths. So you're basically cutting people who aren't strong in one or two events. This means there's no opportunity for an athlete to make a comeback. The whole point is to show athletes are are well rounded. But if you can't compete in EVERY event, then you're not allowing people to show their versatility.

    Kind of defeats the purpose of the games.

  6. It's been the best programming of Crossfit Games ever, Got rid of all the "social media" athletes and left the real ATHLETES behind to compete and become fittest in the world.

  7. Super confused about the programming this year. This whole set up just isn't the best at all… Like this is nothing like the past games this is all body weight / Sprint type events, let alone having all the cuts take place in events that have featured ONE BARBELL?!?! In the very first event???? Like wtf is this

  8. By far the worst programming ever of the crossfit games. All endurance engine based or sprint based. No heavy barbells or even barbell cycling events. And all of the cuts have been made. Not fair for a lot of the athletes. Get rid of Castro…

  9. I dont know how I feel about the events so far.. lots of running and very fast events, or long repetitive wods.. Last year was a lot more exciting.. but the week isnt over yet

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