1. Thank you thank you thank you! I wondered if there was something wrong with me! I carry most of my weight in the middle due to PCOS and so squats are extremely hard on my back. I kept having poor form and couldn’t balance and being 250 pounds and having a spinal injury does not help! With these modifications, i think you’ve made it possible for me to get strong and take care of my baby girl, home and hubby. Thank you so much! This is amazing. You just don’t know what it means!

  2. I'm at work on the verge of tears after a trip to the breakroom and a good hard look at myself. I get so discouraged because I can't keep up with hardly any exercises. Thank you so much for these videos.

  3. why am I just seeing this? I hate squats because my knee is injured but with this, I can see myself enjoying it now as my doctor recommended that I do it to heal my knee injury.

  4. Crazy question: of course I am at learning to move (get fit). My question is, do I have to have on tennis shoes to workout??? Will they help in any way or can I barefoot it??? (I am very new at working out) please any and all comments and help are greatly appreciated, thank you. GOD bless 💕💕💕

  5. Your comments and compassion for those with weight issues and exercise challenges make my heart sing! Thank you! Not only am overweight but I overcoming a major illness and am trying to regain my strength. Your video helps me to realize there is a method and a way in which I can participate! You are a blessing!

  6. Thank you! All of the "do squats right!" videos just assume that your weight is centered, every time I try to do a squat "properly" I fall over backwards. Good to know that working with a chair is a proper modification.

  7. I have Fibromyalgia, and RA, the pain forced me to be less active. I've always been heavy, but now I'm over 400 lbs!! I was just able to do squats for the first time since childhood!!!! I cannot tell you how much that means to me. I'm going to be doing the rest of your modified exercises. You've given me back hope that was long gone, thank you so incredibly much for sharing your journey.

  8. Thanks for your videos. Every workout videos are too intense for me beginning on my weight loss/ strength workout routine. These seems a little more realistic and i still feel the burn. I'll get there. Thanks

  9. I have been struggling and frustrated. I was huge into sports, dancing and other exercise when I was younger. A spinal injury, PT, re-learning to walk, 3 kids, and a bad knee injury later here I am. Every time I lose weight, I gain it back and trying to exercise has been frustrating and aggravating. I would get a migraine and be in so much pain for days after attempting even a 10 minute workout. This looks like what I can do! Something I can use to strengthen my muscles and I really appreciate you posting these FABULOUS videos. You have given me hope!

  10. This is nice to see some modifications that I can do against a wall. I am already so much better at doing ground work, but some of these things aggravate my wrists (broke them when younger) or they aggravate my shoulder injury (torn out of rotater cuff). Glad these are out there =)

  11. Thank you so much i really have been struggling to find an exercise that works for me I'm more of a plus-size in the bust area so every exercise I do regardless to whether I'm wearing a sports bra or not always causes more strain on my back and neck. im excited to try these modifications.

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