1. I love the begining of the video! I can''t do without my morning routine! It looks pretty much the same! I also do dry brushing for manual lymphatic drainage and meditation! Great video!

  2. I loveeeee this video. I have started small by drinking turmeric tea each morning ( I have been doing it 2 today's now).

    My routine goal is to follow the tumeric tea with a tall glass of water, then a smoothie and A salad for lunch (I'll do this when my body says hey, time for something for your stomach). Also as motivation, to watch this video each morning after my quiet time with God, watching this video daily is a reminder and like my health vision board (vision video ????).

    Thanks Cambria for the encouraging video.

  3. You can amplify the results further by listening to a subliminal audio for health. Subliminals are basically audios with spoken affirmations that are not audible, they are a way to interact with the subconscious mind to direct the body to induce certain changes. Just try listening to this audio twice a day for a few days to see results, some may receive faster and some may receive slower results, depends on the number of subconscious blockages you may have. This video is for overall health and has been made using 432 Hz which is very good for the body. I earn no money from this, I am only trying to promote something that is amazing, effective and is free! Time to claim our sovereignty back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZflsu7zi6Q&t=11s

  4. Americans stopped eating anything..dey make smoothie nd jst drink it…stop drinking s9 much…start eating nd chewing as well…bcs dat is a reason of high rate of cancer in America

  5. Was so healthy mentally and physically. Started working at my new location doing overnights ! Now I'm eating chicken ???? I'm a whole new person. I have to get back on track. !!!! Haven't been vegetarian for 2 weeks smh

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