1. Nothing magically happens at 40. Just excuses to not want to train hard anymore. Like pussy bodybuilders not squatting and deadlift anymore because they’ve “paid their dues”. Such bullshit. I train the same and I’m 43. My training partner is 57 and squats over 300 for reps and deadlifts almost 500 still. Horrible workout by the way. Extensions ARE horrible for your knees and you should always have at least one unilateral movement in your leg workout. If you don’t want to train hard anymore and just dick around that’s fine but never use age as an excuse for anything.

  2. A simple (not in a bad way) and effective workout Lee. Thanks.
    P.s its very similar to one i follow but iv subbed kettle bell squats for bbell squats due to lower back issues. Thanks again – enjoying your new series!!

  3. I think it's funny how everyone in comment sections thinks their experts. Different exercises work for different people. That being said, I'm not very comfortable doing squats at 38 either and only perform plie squats with a dumbbell now. I'm jealous of those that can barbell squat. My knees/low back aren't built fot that. I probably should stop straight leg deadlifts too.

  4. Always love your videos Lee. I've been watching for probably 10+ years. Just curious, about how long did that workout take and did you do any cardio pre or post?

    P.S. I like that you always post details of the workout in the comments too, that's helpful as well. If you think of it next time you film a workout video, posting the duration would be cool too.

    I'll definitely be scheduling a 20 min session with you soon.

  5. Do calves first allways better. If your stance is right it wont bother squats. I snapped both achilles and at 42. Im 44 now. Your tendons are brittle in your 40s. Doing calves first warms them up. Deep squats are very hard on Achilles. I warn all of you about it. I recovered well, in fact better than ever, but an achilles snapping is horrible. Dont do full squats and warm up a lot.

  6. Lee you start the video of with a quality leg exercise in squats but then the rest are machine based leg workouts. You should consider replacing one of them with lunges, step ups, split squats, deadlift or box jumps so your body isn't so accustomed to machinery work and you have more flexibility that way too

  7. Men over 40 should never be doing squats. We should be conditioning the muscles to keep them high functioning as we age.The squating days are over.Leg ext. Leg curls and leg pressess will more than get the job done.I gave up squat s at 40 .It has been 15 years and my legs have never looked better.Men over 40 its not worth the risk .

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