1. Bonjour Jenny. Merci pour cette séances de steppe et cela m'aide vraiment dans ma perte de poids et ca me fait le plus grand bien. Je suis vraiment mieux dans mon corps. Merci encore

  2. Workout had no real pattern. I stopped it halfway. The repetitions and counts were off and hard to follow. Keep an easy to follow cadence or pattern that would make it better. But plenty of movement and sweating so for that, thanks.

  3. I don't usually find Basic Step challenging so I avoid it. I did this workout today thinking it was Intermediate level and have to say that it was still very enjoyable. On two risers it was also a little bit more challenging despite the slow pace, and I actually really loved it. Still sweated a whole lot, so I'll be sure to visit again some other time when I'm not feeling too energetic. 🙂 Thank you, Jenny.

  4. Hey Jenny, I saw your step classes on you tube and thought " hey I can do that!" So I ordered a step and it arrived today… Well it has been 30 yrs or so since my last step class (which I used to Love), and I thought it wont take me long to get back into this… Wow, the cardio side was okay, but the Combos at my age!!!! So I did finish, but I will go through this again and again to perfect the combinations… Thanks heaps and I look forward to trying out some of your more difficult ones soon

  5. Just did it the second time and still have a few hiccups during Combo 2 but I reckon not for very long anymore… love your workouts… I feel great afterwards. Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi Jenny, I'm really enjoying your step videos, I just finished your 45 minute one, it was great. Only thing is I really miss the clock letting me know how much I've completed, it helps me to keep going knowing how much time is left, is there any way you could put the clock on all your videos? Looking forward to more of your step videos, keep up the great work

  7. Hello Jenny
    I have just improved from 2 step combo to this one. I found this one very hard but will keep on going until I conquer it!
    thanks so much as your videos are absolutely great.

  8. I officially start my "diet" on 8/12/17 I bought my step today. I will be working out to you! I'm looking at your videos and I can't wait, I will be keeping you posted on my progress. Thank you!

  9. I've done this a couple of times already Jenny and it's a great workout! I don't have a step bench yet but found that this can easily be done on the floor. Keep the videos coming!

  10. I have done this video using 2 lbs. weights 5-6 times a week for a month and I have lost 7 pounds and my love handles are gone. Jenny, you are amazing!!!

  11. Great workout! I did it for the first time on Monday, and again today. After doing lower body weights yesterday, boy could I ever feel it in my quads and glutes, and fast! Nice work and thanks so much for everything you do!

  12. I had to reply from your reply that you are working on more showing us how to step. for could not else where? ? "anyhow" Jenny that would be so fantastic, I catch on pretty fast "sometimes" that is, your amazing thank you was a way for a bit and now I really cannot wait to do some Steps you make it fun and exciting! yay! … Also I will be joining one of your programs by the middle of the year for sure. Thank you for having this I truly love them. I like something fun, that can melt the calorie. for I have stayed away from exercising for a while and so ready to get back with it. It is so important for our lives, not just the physical but the heart, mind and soul, I believe. Have the bestest of day! 🤗❤🤗.

  13. Thank you A LOT Jenny. I c'ant believe I finished this workouit today. A week ago I was unable to finish the first combo and now I finished it, sweating like hell. I'm so proud of my self. I hate cardio, but I LOVE your step workouts. They're really really fun. I c'ant thank you enough. =D Could you make more 30 day challenges with many step workouts?

  14. Returned to Step after a brief 20 year absence 😜 and this is my favorite of all the videos I have done so far! Not a lot of fancy moves that leave me standing there lost, but basic, constantly moving combos that gave me a GREAT workout! Thank you!!!

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