1. I was a step instructor a number of years ago. This is NOT a beginner routine! Not at this pace! Overall cuing was good IF you are experienced and accustomed to this pace. Great advanced routine. Title is TOTALLY misleading.

  2. I’m 69 years old, out of shape and haven’t done step in over 20 years. I found Dana’s class to be excellent! Her instructions are easy and clear and the routine was fun. Thanks Dana…I’ll be back

  3. This is basic as far as freestyle step goes, she breaks it down well & clear how the cheography is added, it's nothing compared to the step classes my Mum teaches if you want to see advance step…

  4. @nikki, I totally agree with you. Ive tried it at the gym with a personal trainer and it was not this intense. This is not for beginners. more like intermediate or advanced. Definitely the WRONG TITLE for video Dana!

  5. I have done aerobics before and I did struggle a bit but just kept moving through the tricky bits. I definitely thinks it a bit hard for beginners to pick up.

  6. Just started back today with exercise after a good few months of basically eating crap and not working out at all. This was not a beginner's workout, very hard to follow! Almost off putting, shame because in a few weeks time this could be easier to follow. Will be trying a different one tomorrow.

  7. I agree with all the other people, who said this is not be beginners. How is a beginner supposed to know all these moves that their names? This is impossible to follow. It's a different exercise almost every second.

  8. As a certified personal trainer, I do agree that this routine is not a beginner step class…more on the lines of intermediate with the revolving doors, mambos with a jack, etc…much too confusing for a person that has never taken a step class. Other than that, it was a great workout.

  9. I have been doing step routines for a while, and this one is not a good one. She changes positions without warning, and her arms are all over the place. Generally, with a particular step, you do your arms one way; however, she changes her arms which ever-way she chooses with each step…from step to step. This throws off the routine. I will not do her routine again.

  10. She is showing you the steps…but this a choreographed routine; If it is beginners, then it should be at a slow pace and repeating and showing the same steps over and over until you feel comfortable. Not teaching at all! Sorry! if she was teaching my kids…fired!

  11. This takes me back. Lovely job. I'll be starting back up soon and wanted a refresher, this video gave me just that. Love it. Thank you.

  12. yah, this is not for beginners — but if you done step before and coming back to it — all the directions (name) are the same as they were back in the 90s 😀

  13. Beginner step at 140 bpm? Step Reebok recommended max of 122, currently AFAA guidelines state that advanced steppers can go as high as 10" and as fast as 128. The fitness music companies are producing "step" music at 130-135, which I think is absolutely ridiculous! 140 is right out! And 148 for kickbox from the start? You might want to put a disclaimer at the beginning of your videos, because the viewers are sure to get injured at some point.

  14. I absolutely loved this routine! I've been doing step a long time, though. Please consider changing the title to Intermediate so it doesn't frustrate a beginner with the step being so high, the backward facing and power moves, and no aerobic cool-down. Please keep posting these awesome routines, too!

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