1. Outstanding workout. Just enough challenge to my mind-body connection without being too dancy. My activity tracker counted @4000 steps and 1.7 miles. I know my program did NOT take the steps into effect when compared to just walking. So much better than being outside in the Florida heat and humidity!

  2. I love your all videos thank you so much. I'm loosing weight thanks to you. But i can't do combo videos well. They are exhausted my brain. I never follow moves right, during this i'm fading. So decided i always watch same videos.I don't know why i failed. 🙁

  3. As an avid runner I use your awesome step videos to balance out my roadwork. I love your music and the easy to follow, yet effective choreography. Thank you for making step aerobics accessible to everyone.

  4. I’d love more intermediate level step classes. You are a great instructor. Best I’ve found and I did a lot of research. This one seemed a little off the beat of the music. Idk if that’s where you “fixed” the volume level people have commented on? It was toward the middle. And that’s unusual for you.

  5. Thanks Jenny, did get a little lost sometimes (my coordination is what it used to be like 25yrs ago lol), but I did finish it with sweat dripping all over the place… Loved stepping in Hawaii 🙂

  6. Thank you Jenny, this is a fav of mine, so glad you fixed the levels. Besides your easy-to-follow teaching style, I really appreciate that your workouts (all the ones I've done anyway) have great beats that are devoid of distracting & offensive lyrics. Just another thing that makes your videos great!

  7. love all your workouts sometimes wish you could change the music on the most popular ones every now and again and also tell us what parts of our body we are working it would really encourage us

  8. I just did this one again this weekend, and remembered why I do this one rarely – the music levels. Thank you so much. Now I can visit Hawaii with frequency 🙂

  9. I love all of your step workouts! I really like this one — it can be as hard or as easy as you want, Thank you so much for all of your wonderful videos. Step is the best!!!!!

  10. Hi, Jenny! I did this great, sweaty workout as a "warm-up" for my first springtime – cycling tour!!
    Thanks to your workout I wasn't exhausted at all when I had to go uphill, because I was well-trained! 😊🤗
    Many happy springtime – greetings from Langenfeld / Germany ! 💟

  11. Hi Jenny…I absolutely LOVE your step workouts. As a certified personal trainer, I can sometimes be a bit critical but your step by step instructions are awesome which makes it great for beginners to advanced to participate and get an awesome workout. This one has me dripping sweat everywhere…thanks again for sharing your expertise with the world.

  12. Jenny, Thank you so much for fixing this one! I do my stepping at 5:00 AM so I always had to turn the volume down in that one section so I wouldn't wake up my hubby and son! But I have done it so many times now that I know it by heart! Love, love all of your videos! Working out at home is the only way to go! Just throw on some leggings and a sports bra and I am ready to go! I look forward to doing your workouts every day! All my friends tell me I look so good and I tell them it is because of my stepping friend, Jenny Ford! You are the best and thank you again for all of your time and hard work to make these videos possible for us!!

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