1. How long did it take for you to get this summer body? I have a flat stomach but it's not as toned as yours. It looks fat when I sit down. I want to start working out all the time for that summer body. Do you think if I start this workout everyday, I'll get results by this summer?

  2. Would you do tips for getting cleaned up after a workout? Often if I have to go to work later I'm tempted to skip my workout because I won't have enough time to shower and dry my hair, etc after the workout. I sweat a lot and my face gets red, so it's difficult to get cleaned up for work after a workout. Tips? I don't want to use that as an excuse to skip workouts.

  3. I hate gyms because I don't want to worry about what I'm wearing to work out. I work out at home and it's horrifying what I throw on sometimes to do it.

  4. love this video and love your channel a lot, but i realised in your plank position, the form was a bit off since your butt was quite high compared to the rest of your body, so i just recommend putting it down a little, and that also helps make it a harder workout. no hate, just love and some constructive feedback xox

  5. Omg i found ur channel i was looking for some weight loss stuff but nothing caught my interest until…….. YOU came out like straight up broke into my brain and i was like omg you saved my life thanx so much

  6. The quality of your filming improves with every video! Love this format 🙂 Seems so much more approachable then a lot of other fitness YouTube video. Can't wait to see more awesome content 🙂

  7. Have you always had such awesome skin? I love your complexion!! Great video, I need motivation right now and this has helped me <3 Please do more videos like this and maybe even some yoga 😀

  8. I like this format. Super informative! I appreciated how you gave information on what areas of the body each exercise worked, how to modify if necessary, and showing clearly what the positions should look like. Starting routines (in gyms or classes especially) IS super daunting, you're right about that! I'd love to see more workout/fitness videos. Thanks and great job!

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