1. Love your videos, Brooke! Also, I peeped that you have All the Bright Places in your book shelf.. it's suchhh a good book! You should def read it if you haven't gotten to it yet 🙂

  2. *You should do :
    -a unpopular opinions video
    -Highschool tips
    -What I eat in a day
    -(Sorry ur any are already done I forget easily )
    -Stay in a fort overnight with my bf challenge
    anDDdDd yea.*

  3. if you reading this, I hope you had a great day… (read more💛)

    And a great week, and a great month, and a great 2019! And If you’re day wasnt going so good remember there are 364 other days so everything will turn out just fine 💕💖💗*love from a small youtuber* 💓

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