1. Hi.beautiful.sister⚘

  2. Just recently found your video workout and love it. I'm 69 and this was great! I can't do floor exercises or jumping so your routine is perfect. Your spunkiness and intensity kept me going and I really enjoyed it! I'll need to check out your other videos. Thank you. Keep that joy and smile. (Love your intro. "walk, walk, walk" part!) 💖💋👍

  3. Gina B!!! I just love your workouts, I have told anyone who will listen how great they are! I love how pleasantly upbeat you are. After a long work day, you are the therapy I look forward to. I love it!

  4. Honestly this is like one of the easiest things at to work up a sweat. A lot of videos are not as hard or intense as these but the moves they put in the workout are sometimes hard to understand (kinda like dance moves or something a trainer should teach in person) but I am huffing and puffing tryna to catch my breath from this and I didn’t have to stop to figure out what was happening. 5/5 would recommend 🥰. I do this like 3 times a week.

  5. Gina, I love your energy smile and enthusiasm! You make me smile and work very hard. Great instructor, my happy days. Thanks for being here and sharing, love you girl!!❤️🤟🏽🤟🏽

  6. Love this video, and I will do more with this beautiful Gina. I had the same experience as the previous writer, working out with Leslie Sansone, then I found this one. Such fun and great workout. Thanks.

  7. Found your channel through YouTube on my tv, so I had to subscribe!

    This workout got my heart rate going, I really enjoyed it. I have Lower back issues and I have to be careful with the movements I do, so thank you!!!! 🙏

  8. I love this workout normally I do HIIT workouts but since getting a knee injury I have to take it down a whole lot and it was hard finding workouts. This got my heart rate up and was fun. Thank you so much

  9. Gina your accent so too cute😍. Walk…walk…walk…….how you doing?????? Question: do many minutes HIIT does one need per day? Look forward to more of these. The music is so dot on. Love it!!!!! Thank you so much. Also – how much calories would you normally lose just approx. also how do you break a plateau. Thanks in advance🤗

  10. My first workout Gina…worked out with Leslie Sansone before…needed to change it up a bit! I'm 65 and this was a great workout for me….feeling good about it!

  11. I’ve done maybe 4 other of Gina’s workouts and they were pretty simple (not sweating like a pig by the end 😂) so I clicked on this expecting the same but boy was this more of a challenge 😂 I sure was sweating with you by the end! The more you sweat the more you know you burned so this was an A+ in my book!

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