1. I really hope this some how gets to Aaron because this is my CRISIS… I am a dude of Native descent and i have long hair, it goes to my butt. I have it for cultural and religious reasons and I don't want to cut it but I feel like there is not ONE video on how to style extremely long hair AND still having it look good. Not only that but my hair is also super dense and really my only comparison is that it looks like Maui from the kids cartoon Moana… Can anyone help?! SOMEONE????!!!!!

  2. I came across this channel today with a simple google search on what haircuts suit you based off face shape, hair texture, etc. Watched a few videos. There's a lot of tips and advice, but I've noticed that most of these solutions have some product behind them. Are there more budget-friendly options out there? I'm currently in school for a degree in engineering, and I can't see myself shelling out wads of cash in the hopes of obtaining a better look. "A man's gotta eat," as they say.

    Avoiding all stereotypes about engineers not giving a rat's ass about appearances (which is true for the most part), I am interested in low-fuss (simple and cheap) ways to enhance my appearance for interviews, presentations, etc.

  3. These hairstyles are 3 yrs old …. cmon . Sorry Aaron your style is 90s dated . Nothing wrong with that. 40s and up guys should stay with classic modern style while not looking too dated . Stay away from trends . Filter out the more dubious outfits you tried in your 20s and 30s , instead pay attention to fit and color .

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