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  2. they need to keep politics out of the 700 club because they are trump supporters because of christian values but support him even though he's a very devisive and hateful person.

  3. please ,those who read this , pray! there are parades for lucifer in Alaska, i've read in a comment from 'two preachers' channel and the authorities there are upset for this. the ones with the parade force the authorities somehow to let them do this. pray not to happen! pray that God put His Word and stop this ugly parade! amin!

  4. Mental illnesses are not as described by psychology, which would lock Jesus or anyone like Him up if it had a chance to and calls all that is spirit or soul or God not real, but "mental illnesses" are as demon spoke out by psychs. The drugs may work because of prayer, but are without true science. I pray the whole Body realise this. The Lord says Trump is in (in total) 8 years, then Pence for 8 then there will be other good presidents – a number of.

  5. I am saying Donald J Trump will be president an 2020 four more years then I would like to see the vice president become president after Trump America has had enough of the hard-headed baby killing Democrats

  6. The DemonRats are proving they are collectively as dumb as mud. Impeaching Trump will fail and help Trump get reelected, yet they're chomping at the bit to do it. Let them, because I want Trump reelected in 2020!

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