1. Thank you very much. Love dumbell strength training but at 54 years old i keep hurting or irritations tendons and muscles. Lately its been the shoulder area and what must be a nerve from front of my neck, deltoids etc. ouch.

  2. Hi Sean,
    Love this workout. Been doing it four months with great results. Any chance you could record a more advanced work out? I've just bought more weights to make this more challenging but something harder would be good. Love your stuff Sean. It's really transformed my physical life. Love the humour and lack of pretension. Refreshing. Well done mate keep it going.

  3. I was wondering if you've thought about doing anymore yoga with weights (dumbbells or kettlebells or both 😉) I try to incorporate weights into my exercise routine 3 times a week and love all your videos with weights xx

  4. Sometimes I forget the routine and enjoy the scenery in the video! I love the sun shining behind you later in the video Sean. Back to the workout though, I can't wait to try this routine next week. Tuesday and Thursdays are my weight days.

  5. Fantastic!I did the workout this morning combining with planks at beginning and stretching at the end.I love the dumbbell circuits, so effective.Please produce more using compound moves, eg. squat, curl and shoulder press, etc.Thanks.

  6. I'm addicted to Vigue, I caught myself quoting you at the dinner table last night. You know I've been watching you so long when your name comes up at the family get together.

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