1. Was gonna post a comment about Craig passing up games invite but saw there are enough of those… So OMG Amanda Barnhart!, gotta have more regular interviews with her!

  2. Hey there be great if you can report on progress of our very own Rich Vint flying the British flag – unfortunately he's competing in the masters so we have no way of watching his progress back here in the UK

  3. Craig your motto is “we don’t quit”. Remember that and achieve the greatness your destined for. Like the other commenters are saying you are fitter than you realize.

  4. brooooo, look at that first event you would've made the first cut- at the very least. you should've taken the wildcard and strapped a camera to your head or something. dreams have a way of sneaking up on you when you don't expect it, be ready when they come along. to show my faith in you i am going to subscribe to your channel, maybe figure out how to buy your tshirts. make this your best weekend ever!

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