1. AMAZING! Thank you so much for this amazing video and researching all the aspects. I went plant based over a year ago originally to see if it made me feel better, I am an athlete and am always looking for ways to improve. I never really liked eating meat or the taste of meat products, but never knew another way. I totally bought into the idea of "you have to eat animals to get your protein". Then once I made the switch and did my research I found there are SO many reasons out there not to eat meat or animal products and I've never felt better! WIN-WIN-WIN

  2. A movie this important to the world should not be so difficult to access or expensive to purchase. People are not waiting in line to drop their meat and see this film. Wish they were because it is a great documentary. All the rich folks who produced this need to find a way to get it in everyone's house!

  3. Oh and I see some riff raff… "Vegan a hype". Donald Watson coined vegan in 1944 he lived to age 95. Died of ripe old age no stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer ect….RIPE OLD AGE.

  4. Awesome well worth 3.99 gonna buy for 12.99 and share. I like how the animals were brought to light more than I expected💚🐘🦍🦏🐟🐣🐔🐑🐮🐰🐭🐨🐯🐵🐺🐧🐼🐍🐢🐓🐄. I get its more of a human health approach/ enviroment. But wow really touched everything. Great for the majority to hear. And hopefully relate to and live it. Eat raw. Eat real. Save life!!!! Watch and go vegan asap. "Earthings" did that for me on 7/18/19 over night!! Me and the hubby and kids all willing…. Reversed my pre diabetes. A bonus for sure and all becuase I. Just stopped paying for slaughter. Looking back on it I do feel foolish, because all my life. I really did feel sad eating animal products….I was told they were nessecary. So sad. I hope young kids get to see this!

  5. Fantastic job on this! My husband and I just watched! Hes a surfer. We’ve been plant based for 7 months. Why wasn’t this in theaters? So many more people need to see this

  6. Such an amazing documentary, more people need to watch this. Meat causes cancer, we don’t need dairy or any animals in our diets to survive. Been vegan plant based for 49 years 🙂 Healthy and strong as an ox, they don’t eat meat 😂😂

  7. This is my 3 time watching this awesome Documentary and I learn it and love it each time I see it !! As vegan for 22 years and being 52 years old !! This is a beginning of an era !! The word will go Vegan 😎😎😎🙏🙏👍👍👍😀😀😀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😄😄😄😀

  8. Went whole food vegan to reverse my crippling spinal arthritis. Not only did I succeed, but I look better than ever a I gained so much more in the process. Now I have a YouTube channel where I share knowledge and joy I have gained from a whole food plant based diet. The Game Changers is awesome! 🙏🏼💪🏼😁🍎🥦🍠

  9. This is a lie to trick you into the green deal it's the deep state lying to the masses you see its Roman soldiers they killed my lord Jesus christ sorry I believe I stay on Jesus side pride is satanic an not of God he hates pride with a passion find Jesus christ you can eat meat an still be healthy I do it I eat fruit salad breads an meats an I'm 6'5 an 230 pounds when I was 160 pounds hmmmmmm .go meat

  10. Cheap music, foul language, unhealthy sense of the language, That does not represent my veganism. I will share this movie with warnings and I will not give it a like.

  11. I'm going to have a 40oz. Super Sugar Smoothie every morning …fortfied with supplements from drug companies…then sit on the toilet wondering if the Phytates,goiters or Oxalates are wreaking my gut..

  12. So many of these "athletes" where on vegan for less than a year. So many have quit veganism because of poor health. Others have been injured and could not recover. Some of them have dropped in performance that they were cut back from the starlight.

  13. Yeeeaaaahhh this is the definition of propaganda…. its called balancing your diet… give it up vegans… your diet is not sustainable, massively increases our carbon footprint, and kills hundreds of animals a year for farmland.

  14. my dad's carotid artery was 30% blocked in 16 months all clear He started this at 94 he will be 96 in Dec still plays golf drive a car lives at 9000 ft altitude and is now writing articles for; local on church and medicine.

  15. It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes.
    Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
    And let's change the way we treat each other.
    You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do
    What we gotta do, to survive.

  16. Most of you guys dont realise each person is different when it comes to what they need to eat. There is no everyone can be vegan bs. People are more complex then that. Matter of fact Jordan Peter's daughter litterally eats only meat, she has to basically because of some health issues but her father which doesnt have that issue also only eats meat and hes doing just fine.

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