1. You clearly don't much about bodyweight training. Why can't the pushup not be a staple exercise? It's not so much about the exercise, but how you do it. The issue with bodyweight training is that it's more tricky and less practical to track progress, if you LACK knowledge in calisthenics training. With the pushup, for example, you can increase the time under tension, experiment with rep ranges, shift one's angle of gravity (like by doing declined pushups). There is also weight shifting, like by doing one hand pushups. There is also factors related to speed, extension, and range of tension.There's more to training with one's bodyweight than just doing more advanced movements or doing bodyweight exercises with added resistance, like by using a weighted vest. Actually, there's lots of ways to progress with calisthenics or to track progress. Sure, a powerlifter should focus on his lifts and on progressive overload, for instance, but even then I've read articles of strength coaches recommending pushups for overall health. According to Jason Feruggia, pushups work the stabilizing muscles better than the bench press and are also good overall for shoulder health. But you saying that pushups don't have a place in someone's training is ridiculous or that a person should not even consider them. Fitness should also be about independence, not being always dependent on equipment. Not everyone also trains just to have a big bench. And many who do seek such goals do experiment with workouts like Jeff demonstrated, even if just for fun or variety. Now, if what you're saying is that simply following random pushup workouts, in this case with Jeff, is unproductive long term. I am with you. Jeff is just trying to get traffic and promote his brand. And even someone who would be interested in purely bodyweight training should follow a program. But I disagree that pushups are useless.

  2. I sort of agree with you on this point but there are a few exceptions. A heavy bench or incline bench is superior for pure strength building simply because you can add weight in a linear fashion. At the same time push-ups are better in many other ways, I do mine with my feet elevated on my window seal and I can tell you that they work everything from your head to toes. The one thing you'll notice is that you're only as strong as your weakest link, so if abs or hips give way the arms and chest shut off, same with the neck muscles. In this sense it brings balance to the pushing chain and is great for athletes. I trained with pro athletes who were soccer goalkeepers and there is a difference in just getting them to bench more or making them extremely proficient in push-ups and other bodyweight movements because those exercises just makes you more athletic and mobile in my honest experience, and that's the reason that not every boxer necessarily benches but every boxer does push-ups. Of course a combo of both would be best or adding bands for extra resistance is a good option too. Don't get me wrong heavy work on the basics is still the best overall advice out there but adding even 50-100lbs on a bench may make that person stronger in those muscles but I've also witnessed those gains make those same people just as uncoordinated or clumsy or more so.

  3. You would be very disappointed of the gym culture eg. in Belgium or the Netherlands. Hotel gyms don’t have free weights at all. I ended up squatting with an excercise bike at my back and doing push-ups for frustration in Brüssels.
    If one finds a gym, they try to sell you some crappy permanent membership.
    Much better option is to forget lifting altogether for your biz trip or vacation and concentrate on eating and sleeping.
    For those sorry individuals who are travelling all the time: you are screwed. Or you can run up and down the hotel stairs and do a shit load of push-ups. At least it’s better than sitting and drinking beer every night.

  4. It's because Jeff is aesthetic-focused, even though he throws around the word "strength" like it's candy. Smart guy but very misleading and not appealing to the mass-majority.

  5. I think the main point to take away is that this exercise should be for people that want to train pink muscle fibers. But if your serious on growing size and strength in terms of more weight, then Jeff's workout is a joke.

    Using a light load can still be hard when you train in a high enough rep range. But in the end it doesn't do anything for white muscle fibers. Which means you will loose gains.

  6. Or here’s another suggestion: Just enjoy your damned vacation and train when you get back. What a concept, right? It takes so long to significantly detrain that it’s really not an issue to take a week or two off

  7. Jason this may sound like a silly question but to give up smoking while living with a smoker I put a cheap-o rack outdoors. What do you think about doing a set or two outside multiple times per day? Like your friend goes out and smokes one but you go out and get 1-2 OHPs or whatever 6 times per day?

  8. Hey Jason, I have really long arms and when I do weighted dips with a pause, it feels like my sternum is going to snap open at the bottom while paused. Do you have any suggestions on how to safely do weighted dips with a pause for someone in my situation? Thank you.

  9. Haha-Barbells and plates in a hotel? You just showed everyone that you don't get out much. You get a few cardio machines and if you are lucky- dumbells that go up to 50 lbs.
    Your only real option if you are a frequent traveler (I travel on business 1-2 weeks a month) is getting a membership to a gym chain that is most often in the areas you frequent. 24-Hour, LA Fitness, and Anytime Fitness are your best bets. Even then, I have found I need to bring a set of resistance bands with me for the roughly 1 out of 4 times none of these gyms are around.

  10. I hate these click bait jeff videos. That guy is a multi millionaire, built around one thing. Knowledge. Teams of professionals bring him in to consult on their millions of dollars worth of assets.
    But we are supposed to ignore Jeff and listen to you?
    Keep attacking supplements. That’s what your good at. Keep talking about strapons and coco puffs or calling dudes gay. But please dear lord stop using Jeff clickbait for views.

  11. Yes & no here in my opinion. I've never heard this guy say anything I take exception with and I don't totally disagree here. However, I'll say that I've had real good injury free gains running a program where I train EOD with the following:
    weighted chins every workout, alternate between squatting and deadlifting every workout with P.O., and do a) standing press 4x and weighted dips 4x or b) weighted pushups 4x diamond & 4x wide . Point is – provided you're squatting, deadlifting and OH Pressing weighted pushups are a great addition to any workout in my opinion. Not as good as weighted dips but better than benching because you're moving the body through space to a degree. I add to this sprinting & jump rope for cardio & while I'm 44 I'm not only stronger but also look better than 99% of the guys in my area (Miami) where there are plenty of bb'ers on gear etc. Again not challenging what he's saying here – the guy is spot on in general and more people on here should respect the training knowledge he provides trust me – however I would stand behind most pushup routines for overall effectiveness and a way to give the body a random break from the barbell as you get out of competition and north of age of 30. Would I have a younger guy more focused on strength, thickness and all around athletic power ever do this over barbell movements – hell no though I will say that having fought MMA and been in D1 college fb – the most explosive guys I've encountered could all do muscle ups, hearvy weighted chins (of course assuming their over 200 lbs ….under wouldnt be that impressive) whereas I've locked up with many guys who have big powerlifting numbers but weren't that functionally strong so who knows. (though I will say anyone I collided with that had a good power or hang clean would rock you – I know those exercises carry over incredibly well)

  12. When me and my old roommate used to not feel like driving to the gym we would lift bricks, rocks and buckets of stones in the backyard and got great tension with it. Farmer carrys with a bucket full of rocks is great, curling with different sizes of bricks works. Can even do front/zerker squats with bigger rocks or the rock buckets.

  13. No disrespect coach but I don't think you could even do this. In fact I will paypal you $1000 if you can perform this workout. You would have to do it on yuoutube live with no camera cuts front of a ticking digital clock with a second hand. I assume at your level of fitness you can do the hard level stated in the video which is 20 Seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest with the hardest level of exercises. That would be exercise #1-5.

  14. I have had 2 strait nights of bad sleep will I lose gains because of this if I Just get my sleep back on Check tonight? I am usually a 10 hours a night sleeper but the last couple of nights I didn’t get More than 5 hours of sleep both nights Because of all the freaking fireworks the 4th of July Sucks for Gains man

  15. Dat background looking Patriotic m'coath. DONALD TRUMP THE GREAT WHITE HOPE 2020 gonna get some freedom fries god damnit!
    Yuup, 'MURICA.

  16. Just watched it, that shit is hilarious. Those pushup abominations they do in the army now are so cringey it hurts. If you do bench press regularly you should be able to do 50+ regular pushups without even thinking twice even if you've not done it in years.

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