1. Did this today ,it's amazing I haven't felt my medial delts properly like this is a long time . I made slight positioning changes just to suit me better like stood instead of using the bench and changed last exercise to resistance band laterals but it was savage

  2. First class video. Once my shoulder is healed I shall be doing these. I already do the partial sides laterals and they are fantastic. Fortunately I'm genetically blessed with round capped shoulders and love setting them on fire. Thanks John.

  3. Man that looks tough even in the video. Can't wait to try it, twice a week should fit into my schedule pretty well. Thanks for another great workout to try.

  4. Great vid.. or u can do chair push ups- I did like 5 sets of ten… cause I dipped all the way down… an they are absolutely difficult to perform… but after a year my shoulders and neck muscles were HUGE- than I stopped cause… well… it was time to stop..
    Weight lifting was fun…but finger tip push ups, chair dips, things of that nature from home is really all that I needed at that time.. plus I never joined a gym… didn’t need to from additional martial arts exercises

  5. Really like this no frills approach to tutorials and especially from someone at this level. Very likeable and relateable and his physique and ifbb credentials speak for themselves.

    Very interesting how despite obviously this guy is a huge bodybuilder and ofcourse steroids are an aspect of his chosen sport, this guy gets very little hate from trolls etc. You have to imagine its because of how sincere this guy comes over. Def one of my fav new follows.

  6. What a great video, thank you John! I really think this could be great for the shoulder portion of a 4-6 week block with before/after photos used as a judge. I personally am very careful about how much anterior delt work I do since it gets blasted from BP,DB, Dips, etc., so this video is right up my alley.

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