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  2. I've tried the perfect chest and perfect back routines but I find that I currently don't have the muscular endurance in the 'support' muscles to properly complete all sets/reps. Is it recommended to keep lowering the weight until I can complete the workout and build from there or do I keep with the appropriate rep max weights and press on until I can complete all sets/reps then add more?

  3. Hey Jeff. I just discovered your page about six months ago and find them very informative and educational. Can you tell me the best way to build pull up strength for my 13 yo son? I have been training for a long time and am just introducing him to weights. I had thought to build up using the pulldown. Thanks.

  4. Can someone clarify something for me? The deadlifts combined with the pull ups…am I doing the pull ups after the 2 sets of deads + rest or am I doing it superset style? Deads + rest followed straight away by a set of pull ups?

  5. Hmm… I think the perfect back workout consists of Cavaliere's 8 hour face pull workout. Looks like I'm wrong since Jeff used all of face pull accessory lifts…

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