1. Wow, this workout is damn awesome 🙌 Exactly my favorite exercises packed into one 7 minute workout! #FBFit2 Day 52 Extra Challenge complete! Two workouts and an extra challenge down after a very stressful day and I feel awesome! 💪 01.05.19

  2. Thank you..this is very helpful.. u ecen show the easier option which is really…really helpful for me.. i want to stay active and lose some weight but my RA keep troubling me. I'm gonna try this and hope it'll work for me. Thanks a lot.. 😄😄😄

  3. I´m just 14 years old, a fugding teenager with a HIGH amount of testosterone, my body is full of hair and I mean a LOT of hair. I laughed at her so much when she did the push-ups. She seemed so weak though. I just set the time 30 sec too and did my push-ups. And guess what, she was making 18 push-ups under 30 sec but I did 46 push-ups without stopping. I am not here for attention I just want you guys to know that it isn't impossible if you are working hard and following your dreams. Keep fighting for yourself! Good luck!

  4. 感謝教學,我會試著持續每天做的,我剛跟著影片做了一次,可能因為初學者的關係,感覺膝蓋負擔蠻大的,但真的感覺有全身運動到,再次感謝分享教學

  5. I love this so much!! I am extremely overweight and am very insecure. I for once was able to stick to a routine that worked. I couldn't even do pushups before and now I can. I been doing at least twice every day. It's an awesome workout that works.

  6. This isn't an insult; she's so long! I'm 4ft 11" with T-rex hands and stubby legs, so some exercises tend to give me trouble to do, like the side plank thing: but I try my best. She's awesome! She does it relatively effortlessly.
    Also, I tend not to like routines with more than two jumping components at a time; like here had a set of jumping jacks, because they hurt my breast to be honest- even with a bra. (Sorry if that's TMI.) But this one looks great, I'll definitely try it. Thank you all!

  7. I'm what most call "skinny fat" and REALLY want to work on my toning and strength now that I'm into my early 40's & having issues keeping the pudgy middle and thighs at bay. There's no way I will be able to do some of these exercises more than 1 rep (push ups & planks mainly) but if I keep doing this routine daily, will I still improve or would it be too "repetitive"? I need to start somewhere and this looks "doable". I have limited time and space & really want to kick-start myself for more challenging workouts in the future. Thanks!!

  8. Hello FitnessBlender. My name is Kuni. I want to ask you, I have just started my "healthy life" today. As I am new here, how many time should I do this 7 Minutes workout each day? I already did it for once, and I am so tired

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