1. Am I the only one noticing her poor posture? She needs to stand up more straight or it will give her back problems in the future. Besides that, she still looks amazing tho' 😍

  2. I weighed about 90 kgs. Had tried gyming and diet restrictions but there wasn't a significant fall until a friend suggested adding soups as a part of the diet. I ended up losing about 20 kgs over a period of 2 weeks.


    I'd definitely recommend trying this method. EVEN THE SUCCESS STORIES ARE SO INSPIRING TO READ TBH!!!!

  3. Seriously though what Lauren said is exactly what I’m doing I’m literally losing weight. It’s just as simple and as easy as that but the only hardship is staying committed and dedicated. I don’t even workout.

  4. 0:00 to 0:48
    Hi young lady! How are you? I apologize I don't know who you are….

    I did watch a little of this video based on what I've heard you said I like to go on and ask you this….

    I love your honesty about food and portion and portion sizes….
    Nevertheless, honesty is half the battle to humanity…… Weight, health and satisfaction….

    I'm not sure if you're married but I hope you are for the sake of this question in which I am about to ask….

    Is sex better on a full stomach or a healthy portion but not so much!

    Dr Oz this is for you… I've suffer from both under weight and over weight….
    Is it possible for a person to be both obese and malnutrition and if so how do we properly correct this if indeed this can happen to us in the US?


    Luvienne Nonord

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