1. This is terrible, i started to see FAT People in movbies some years ago, that really needs to STOP RIGHT NOW..
    I Hate fat people, not like, HATE, But why they are in movies, acting all aup, its just cringy and stupid.

  2. I love Chrissy Metz so much, and I know and believe that she's beautiful just as she is, and that's what I love about her, she shines, and radiates beauty no matter what she weighs.

  3. I hate her success makes some people and i think herself as well think it is OK to be unhealthy. Morbid obesity is not funny in the end. Ask Ralphie May… oh wait, he is dead. She needs help soon before another great talent is lost. And no I'm not putting her down people. Look up what morbid obesity means. She's there. Her organs are under extremely high stress and can't function like they should. Her heart for one being it is having to pump harder to get the blood to circulate properly.

  4. im watching her on Jimmy Fallon live right now she huge sooooo big shes a beautiful soul with a short life span somebody please help her if u love her and its not about being true to yourself its about living longer healthier life shes an amazing actress best of wishes

  5. I dont understand why Americans fat shame people…
    Most of their population are considered overweight. You'd think tolerance and embracing all shapes and sizes would be paramount in the states. Smh

  6. There’s nothing cool about overeating. when naturally, there’s a point where your stomach can take no more and actually feel sick when you force yourself to eat more. There’s hunger in this world. If you overeat to feel better everyday, you should be ashamed. Because, honestly, there are days anyone can overeat. For several reasons. But please, not everyday. Nobody is saying everyone should look like bones. Self control, self discipline. It’s hard but it’s never been easy for anyone.

  7. Why are you glorifying someone for making bad health decisions??? It's like having the " stunning transformation of a smoker !!" Video !!! I am happy she got a job and I am sure she is a lovely person but don't celebrate someone for eating to much , and then acting like she is strong for settling for being fat !!!!!

  8. I'm a 210 pound man who lifts weights and there are many days I eat 2,000 calories. Let's not act like she's starving herself here. That's a normal amount of calories for most humans. This is why it irritates me when people act like losing weight is so tough and come up with so many excuses. It's not tough, it's actually very simple. She ate normally, walked a minimal amount of time each day, and it worked. Not inspirational at all. Easy to do if you have the willpower. Find the willpower and stop the excuses.

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