1. Oh Funk Funk Funk … this was like music to my ears 👂 30 to 35 minutes total….fAntAsTiC 👍🏻

    I haven’t worked out for quite a long time, I had quite a bad injury to my right shoulder and I ripped a rotator cuff, I had an awful lot of treatment, cortisone injections, deep tissue massage, stretching exercises, working with bands … it took almost 7 to 8 years before it was functional again, and even then I was very careful when I did any work with it.

    However now I’m almost 62, I love kettle bells, but I lost all motivation when I damaged my shoulder, I watched your video and it was like music to my ears, 30 to 35 minutes training, how fantastic is that.

    Love the fast burst workouts, it made me come out in beads of perspiration just watching the video… With much thanks for getting me motivated again, Steve 🙂 from UK

  2. This video sent me to the ER. I am in the hospital right now. My SO had to call an ambulance.

    The first 20 minutes of the workout (bought kettlebells today and found this video) were fine and then I got really tired but remained motivated so I pushed for another 10 minutes but my movements soon stopped looking anything like those in the video and more like nothing nobody wants to be seen doing, flailing about all sweaty and shit. I decided that was about enough and went for a shower.

    After showering I felt something was wrong. I was still breathing heavy and sweating so I laid down on the floor to level out. Then the cramps came, like pain and thunder and then everything stiffened up and all my limbs felt like stone with pain inside them. I could not move. Then the convulsions began and i was starting to get scared at this point but tried to ride it out but it sent my heartbeat out of control and the cramps got worse and worse in the upper chest until it was quite hard to breathe and my vision started going dark kaleidoscope. I growled something about help to my SO through clenched teeth because my jaw was locked by cramps.

    The rest is blurry but the ambulance came and now, some hours later I am … not fine, but better. I will live.

    Apparently being 35 and dehydrated during a very humid day and going for the hardest workout in I don’t even know how long can cause your body to go “bitch, no” in a big way.

    Edit: loved the video 10/10 did subscribe.

  3. Hi Funk, since yesterday i am 54. Today i have tried your workout with my 16 kg kettlebell. Now i feel like 64 -:))! Thanks for the workout. Best regards from germany.

  4. Great workout! It's alright doing this workout fasted without any food before and any protein drink and just eating or drinking a protein drink immediately after ?

  5. U 40 but ya body look better than mine. Shame. Lol naw I’m about to get committed to the gym real soon with a work buddy of mine and if he doesn’t stick to it after we go I’m still gonna stay going 5 days a week regardless.

  6. Ive always found it hard to get definition, how many times a week would i need to do this workout? And would i need combine it with any other type of workout?

  7. I do this workout when I'm struggling to find or think of a workout to do. This does everything, high intensity, not too short, 3 rounds of different exercises and the last 1 is a killer.
    I sometimes modify it using heavier weights for the squats and deadlifts.

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