1. Hannah is a Hollywood starlet VERY neurotic runner up in the pageantry as she treated the other lady in the Bachelor! Luke, go back home cuz ALL in that crowd of hard up total bitches agreed with that YES "slut"! You called her out Luke, and guess what; so many of North America felines are full of #MeToo female victimization after they consent to spread their legs? I have been through them yet NOT given my body nor soul many times ALL after MONEY even though they claim to be STRONG and INDEPENDENT just like feminists! Luke if you or anyone affiliated are reading this, you may wish to have children but PLEASE get a Pre-nupt that is stamped and sealed by your President else it will be in Liberal run Family courts more and more controlled by FEMALES wipe their ass as toilette paper (many whom have no kids!) I am from Canada and been thru shear hell with my son taken from me his father yet have no women that give a crap. So mt fellow North American brothers, DO NOT think with your penis for they will make your life a living hell after number 1 your bank account. You have been forewarned …

  2. Luke reminds me of a stalker, rapist, or worse. His body language suggests that his brain needs a reality check. Does his father control his mother? it would be interesting to find out!

  3. Anyone defending this narcissistic sexist is blind. He wasn't in it for Hannah. He was in it to win. He always looked down and smirked when he got a rose because he was winning in his mind and beating the other guys. And he's no Christian. He's a fake one. His behavior doesn't come close to Jesus. Glad he got what he deserved.

  4. they did make you look bad Luke but really I think you are better off without her………she threw herself at every guy from day one……..and I suspect she's hiding her dark side……….I think she can be very mean

  5. Why go on the show in the first place…if you are a true Christian then God will give you your hearts desire…I just don't like the idea of kissing so many men or women on this show

  6. ah' c'mon…Luke didnt say one cuss word i heard, on the show, I cant count the f-words Hannah said and the proverbial "middle-finger" at his exit…..and Luke admits he lied on the other guys(since apologized) niether one of these 2 are "ready-Christians", we got some who are believers, maybe even actively serving but not enough oil in their vessels to live Holy, and will be lost if they dont Repent.

    Pre-marital sex is sin, and a liar is a sinner. This show with all that "petting" multiple prospects is not for a True Christian candidate, may all real Christians avoid applying for roles like these. Be Real. Dont' expect to "make" an ideal Christian partner out of Anyone, they should already be that the day you meet them. This show is no way to find/meet a Godly woman or Man of God to share your life with.


  8. I actually think his question was valid, especially in a normal context and given her statements about her faith, BUT the way he went about “asking” (which sounded more like telling, like “you aren’t like this and I want to hear it from your mouth”) and exaggerated people’s Fantasy Suite escapades as “sleeping with everyone” was a bit aggressive. Thing is, that he had already established himself as quite terrible and someone who everyone wished would leave – physically attacking people, lying about other contestants, not respecting Hannah’s wishes….even at the end he acted so entitled, saying he was “owed” something. She was doing both of them a favor by dismissing someone who’s values didn’t match hers, and yet he didn’t respect her wish for him to leave and acted entitled to even more from her when she’d given so much of her time and emotional energy for him and finally wanted him to just leave. I actually wouldn’t vilify him for the question itself, and could never be on The Bachelor, but if his pushy, aggressive, gaslighting behavior is “biblical gospel” then he did everyone a favor by making “biblical gospel” look bad on national TV.

  9. Hannah claimed she wanted a "man of God" and when one showed up and wanted to live according to what the Bible teaches – she cried foul. Sickening how her utter hypocrisy was applauded during the Men Tell All. She claimed she was "slut-shamed" by Luke, when all he was saying was what the Bible said about sex and marriage. He assumed she believed the Bible, too, since she said she was a Christian. She wants all the grace of God without the obedience to God. I was embarrassed for her – not him.

  10. The Men Tell All was probably the first time I felt so bad for Luke. Some things he said reminded me that the producers can edit any of his conversations to show whatever they wanted to portray him as.

  11. Hanna was just like Luke sgecwas trying to be perfect, but I'm guessing the cameras do this to them idk.. Hanna was scary in the last season, now she's totally diff🤔
    Now Luke didn't understand that Hannah was just leading him on his his defence..
    I'm tired of it always being about 1 person every season!!

  12. You can see he had true feelings for her, and he got jealous easily when the guys spoke about her, and all the guys knew that also, thanks to the guy who said to give Luke a break and that he had enough. Also when he asked her about the sex thing, he just wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to sleep with everyone because he didn’t know if she was going to, and he has all the right to ask since they are on a possible life marriage relationship. Why did she have to get all mad and also blast him at the end. He is not a real psychopath or narcissist. He is just young and with true feelings and the show got advantage of that. Also we know how rotten these shows are and try to look for the most real and weak one to manipulate and destroy. Love Luke.

  13. Those of you who say Luke P has strong Christian morals are absolutely wrong here. He is a lying, manipulative narcissist. He just wanted to shame Hannah in hopes of preventing her from getting too "close" to any of the other contestants. This is The Bachelorette TV show — it's not real life playing out here. He makes ridiculous statements, then claims that he was misunderstood and tries to backtrack, blaming it on Hannah that she misunderstood. She understood everything he said. His intentions were to win. At any cost.

  14. Although I don’t know Luke personally I do know some of his family and they all have said nothing amazing about him and have said that the show’s editing made him look like a person he isn’t

  15. honestly i feel bad for the guy. he had the right intentions going into it (cough cough jed) but he just had some severe communication issues. it’s sad how much bullying he endured on men tell all

  16. They need to look up the job a producer does on his show especially on a show like this reality TV their whole job is to stir crap and make controversial things happen.

  17. Luke shouldn't have done this show…he is too good for this…he walk into a cesspool. Of course he didn't want her to have sex and get off with another guy. He liked her and he was understandable upset and jealous. Who wouldn't be. He is lucky to be far away from this craziness.

  18. Well well well why are those guys fighting over her she looks like the Bride of Chucky and carrot top it looks like she's had surgery to at such a young age this is America I can say what I want to I'm saying what people are thinking

  19. I feel like he doesn't do well in conflict but he is a good guy.hannah was mad becs Luke called her out and she knew she slept with two guys already. The best thing was to understand and say am sorry I dnt share the same belief so it best u leave than overreacting about been called slut when u said it yourself Hannah u did it twice in windmill and Jesus love u.luke wrong show for u and ur belief. Sean was praised saving himself for marriage .So what the differences Luke saying it

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