1. IDK if anyone still follows this video but in case you guys are wondering about what I do for this workout.

    MY BODY:
    I'm pretty skinny (weight 50kg) however I do have tummy rolls and fat legs. I especially have fat near the buttocks and thighs. My goal is to tone down my legs and not necessarily weight loss.

    -I do this workout once in a day, 6 days a week.
    – I start out with a stretching routine. I follow a video from the channel "OfficialThenx" called "Don't do this before your workout" for my beginning stretching routine.
    – After this, I follow with some light cardio. Since I'm at home, I do a few jumping jacks, mountain climbers and burpees only if I feel like it. If I'm away from home, I have a gym at my place where I do treadmill or spinning.
    – In the beginning, I used the follow Emi Wong's "15-minute thigh burn". I started by doing only 5 minutes in my first two days and gradually increasing the time. After 3-4 days, I stopped and started to follow this video as a change and stuck to this routine. I have been doing this for only a week so far (with cardio starting on day 5). I also started to add more workout to this. For those wondering, I increased the time from 30 secs to 45 secs for the legs circles, inner and outer leg lifts (since 30 secs doesn't give me enough burn). I added calf raises and single leg calf raises (left and right) with 30 secs each (total 1m 30s). If I feel like I need additional burn in my glutes, I do kneeling leg lifts (left and right) with 30 secs each.
    Am I doing any other body workout? – No, except for knee push-ups for some upper body strength.
    – I finish my routine with a stretching routine from XHit called "Stretching routine – warm-up exercises". A great way to end the routine.

    MY DIET:
    Since I currently am living with my parents, I have no control over my diet. PLEASE NOTE that I am a picky eater. Therefore, I naturally have a small appetite. The only "dieting" (if you'd like to call it) I do is cutting down my portion sizes. I try and stay away from fast food (maybe once a week). I am not a sweet tooth so I don't indulge in sugary donuts frequently. My daily consumption involves rice, bread, chicken or vegetable curries. I try and stay healthy by drinking fresh orange juice and making some blueberry milkshakes (nothing special).

    – Since it's only been a week, I don't see any remarkable change. I have this lump of fat just in my outer thigh and buttocks which really shows through in my front or back profile which I hate. I started to see it slightly disappear (not completely yet). My quads feel more firm. I still have jiggly fat in my inner thigh and calves and I hope with regular efforts, I can get rid of them 🙂

    – If anyone wants updates, please comment below so I remember. I can do an update on week 2 later on. I'm unsure about an update on week 3 since I'll be traveling abroad for vacation and I don't know when I can do this workout routine.

  2. My left thigh is 22 inches around and my right is 21 inches around. I’m only 5’2”, I’m 13, and I weigh 124 lbs. I want to do this because it effects my cross country race and practice times.
    I will keep you guys updated after each week!

  3. I've been doing this workout + the 9min cardio workout for four months everyday without a diet I just eat my usual three meals but 50% less and tried not to eat chocolate and I actually lost 7 kilos so do not harm yourself by not eating a proper meal take care of your body and it will be just as great as you want

  4. Day 2 of doing this workout. My legs and butt are burning and it feels so good. I'll do this 2 times a day for a month and I'll update when I finish. 🙌🔥📣

  5. ok today is my day 1. i did everything except the side plank coz i can only manage to lift my leg 3x then i modify it. right now my thigh measure 23 inch im gonna see if this works plus my healthy diet.

  6. I’m an athlete but I’m short and have a muscular build so I look a bit stocky. And the discipline I’m in requires me to look thinner (especially around my thighs-which are my worst attribute). So after doing a lot of searching this workout looks like the best one out there. I’m gonna stick to it and I WILL UPDATE, I’m looking forward to results so I’ll be back!!!

  7. I downloaded video and gonna kick from today at evening.
    Suffering mostly from thigh area let see what would be the result.
    Would Post here after 10 days and then next 10 days till I achieve my desired goal ( ie 50 kg) still I have 61.8kg

    So here me after 10 days results are like 1st day that was so difficult to me day by day my strength also increases and I can see my legs little tone and fat less with this 12 min exercise I walk and run daily around 7 kilometers
    The body weight is really fluctuates some time it goes up and sometime it goes down and now I got 60 kg and I thing it's pretty good
    Now next I would be here after 1 month

  8. These workout videos actually work. I would do at least 7 videos which is about an hour and a half or so. I would do arm workouts, abs, thighs, and butt all in the same day and it truly transformed me and I felt great. I seriously need to get back into working out!

  9. these moves are great, however if u already been doing this for weeks, do it more, like 2-3 sets, 1 set of all these wont be enough for u as u go by..ur not beginners anymore..speaking based on experience, i love working out with this girl too

  10. Started this 18th of june. I did this workout last year as well but got lazy and stopped. Now it's time to go at it again. What I usually do is change the playback speed of the video to 0.5 and mute the sound, then play my favorite song in another tab. This way i can do double the exercises while listening and grooving to the music. I will keep you guys posted. I want to do this for a very long time as I wanna tone my thicc legs. Wish me luck and I'll come back with updates.

  11. It's my 2nd day doing this and my only goal is to be able to stand up properly and quickly right after I'm done cuz boiiii my legs are like jellies right now 😂
    Update: Day 5 and it's still hard lol

  12. As an specialist, I'm sure Clegenatur Methods is good way to have bigger and firmer breast naturally. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  13. Hello guys . it’s been only 2 days since i’ve started and my butt is shrinking.. What should i do? i don’t want a flat butt😭 i’m doing this workout to reduce thigh

  14. i hate to be That person but guys please like to motivate me i’ve been so insecure about my thighs and looking at photos of myself literally makes me feel sick but i’m tired constantly
    i finally am going to try to properly loose weight
    1 like = 1 more day of motivation
    i’ll keep y’all updated if this works!

  15. can we just appreciate how nice and positive she is being in the video??
    "Good job", "You can do it", "Don't mind the pain"

    +I have been doing this for some days and it's slowly getting easier! Im coming back at this comment after some weeks to share the results 😀

  16. I've read through so many of the comments so I've decided I'll start this workout too.

    Day 1
    I actually finished the workout twice and the first time my legs burned but not to much. The second time…… Oof . That hurt. Can't see any changes.

    Day 2
    I did half a workout today so I'll do the rest and a whole next workout tommorow. Can't see any changes

    Day 3
    Ow. This day hurt a lot compared to the others but I did manage to pull through. (I did do it right after being outside) There is a slight difference but you will not notice it

    If you do read this it is not finished. I will add more in the days to come

  17. Give it a go! Started less that a week ago and legs starting to tone up! Gonna keep it up every other day combined with abs workout, cycling, and lots of walking!
    Also it does become easier after a week!

  18. doing this a lot
    stretching before and after

    day 1: i’m tired, but i DID decide to do this at midnight, LOL! but i feel good. my legs hurt.

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