1. Once I saw your video on the manga of this series. Yesterday I watched the first episode of the anime and I don't know where you were in my head but I remembered!!! So hyped for this!!! Also subscribing for all those in depth videos after the anime!!! #AWESOME

  2. is it weird i just randomly watch these vids anytime i just feel like, i think I've clicked on some like 10 to 15 times since i first got to this channel 2yrs ago

  3. Im gonna keep it 100 with you, this manga is just soft core porn. No amount of cameltoe and tiddy bounce is gonna make me wanna workout more than Vegeta training at 400x gravity

  4. I started reading the manga in chapter 4 they talk about miss information about stretching and it surprised me that I had been stretching right because of my laziness. I usually sprint to the gym then still run at the gym then stretch. One time someone at the gym said that I'm going to hurt myself by not stretching first. this manga is pretty good how they can cover all this content in the anime.

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