1. I am. A big fan of u sir but the problem is the we are not fitness models we wanna be fit that's it pura din melas aur baati carbs protein aur calories ka hisab rakkhe itna time v nahi hy haa agr koi fitness model banna chahata hy tab thik hy kiuki yehi unka kam but 90% viewers yeah pe students yea fir job krne wale honge so mein yeh kehena chahata hu kuch ayse videos banaiye jissey humlog puri zindegi bhar karpaye zindegi ka maza v le paye kuki sari zindegi koi 6pk abs r calories count nahi kr sakta specially jo iss industry se nhi hy

  2. I recently started to watch your videos sir l loved it. I have a quick question please. Can you please give List of some healthy indian snacks (except fruits) that we can make at home or buy something like to have with tea (cookies, cake rusk) without cheat meal on daily basis. I always need something sweet snacks with tea l am searching for healthy options.

  3. Sir Aapki Ashwaghandha ki video mene dekhi, it's safe according to you.But kya hum GOKHSHURA HERBS ka Istemal kar sakte hai.Kya ye safe hoga mussale gain Karne main

  4. THANKS Guru mann aapse inspire hike mene bhi apna channel start kia hai I'm a certified personal training, swimming instructor, aqua aerobics instructor and sports nutrition, hope my channel also does well.

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