1. Hello guruman I want to ask that you both are doing same excercise bt in some different ways so I m confused that which one is better for me actually m following to you and I done your 5×5 program and this days m doing XL program

    * Stiff body.
    * Unbalanced strong body.
    * Strength gained only throug weights.
    * endurance very less.
    * No/less mobility strength.
    * Very less stamina /cardio.
    * Bulk body can be made.
    * No meditation.
    * Can lift very heavy weights.
    * Very less agile body.
    * Not much effect on immune system
    * Do not work much on focus ability.
    * Relies too much on protein powder and even steroids
    * Focuses only on muscle strength which one looses soon
    * Have good external hard body.
    * person looses body shape very soon when they stop training.
    * Very high bady maintenance cost.😃

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