1. When I got to the leg drops I was like finally something easier then Rebecca was like ‘we are going to add the twist in a second’ I was like 😶🤔🤭😅

  2. I’m trying to get into modeling but my waist is currently at about 26 1/2 inches and my goal is 25 or 24. I am starting this workout tomorrow and will update everyday. Hopefully it’s successful!

  3. Hi Rebecca! Do you train oblique muscles in this video? They say that training oblique muscles can actually widen your waist, which I’m worried about. Can you please advise? x

  4. I have been doing this video for three times a week for 5 weeks now.(also various other exercise and 70% of the time eating healthy) I can see my upper abs getting defined! I never thought I can have defined abs! Thank u so much Rebecca! 😍 Love from India!

  5. a "Do not exercise" advertisement and a belly fat removal advertisement before a workout video 🙂 it's like the universe is giving me signs

  6. It was really difficult for me at the beginning, but now it’s very easy. I saw the results after 3-4 weeks of everyday workout. Well I’m thin person, but I lost 2 cm from my waist. I’m keep doing this exercise, because it’s the best workout I’ve ever done. You should try it! I promise you won’t regret it!

  7. I have a question that hopefully someone can answer 😭 a lot of people say doing oblique exercises like these will widen the waist, and I already have a wide waist so I DO NOT want to widen it. Hence why I tried to find waist shrinking workouts like this. But does this one actually shrink the waist or build it wider? I’ve been doing this workout every other day and I want to make sure it won’t result in a body shape I don’t want.

  8. One of my favorite ab workouts! I used to be a chubby teenager and didn't have the best eating habits. Ever since i discovered your channel and your workouts, ive lost 45 pounds and im now 145 pounds with only 20% body fat and im lean and fit 😋 cant wait to start on the next workout! #icanfeeltheburnrebecca much love from central florida! 🌴💕

  9. It's supposed to take 15 minutes… But by the time I paused it and continued it took almost double the time 😅great workout in a looong time though!

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