1. You will just feel better overall if you consistently workout. I'm 53 years old and have worked out all my life. I feel bad if I don't workout, compared to a lot of women, who feel bad when they do workout. You have to change your mindset. Thanks for a great video with excellent tips.

  2. Great tips! Really good to see that fitness is clearly now part of your lifestyle, judging by those guns! Keep at it, great to encourage more people to get fitter and healthier and the ‘cheats’/tips that you suggested to keep people going are practical and sustainable

  3. I too love getting my workout first thing in the morning. I don’t like going to the gym. I usually do online workouts at home. And ounce in a while I will go to the gym because they have child care. Thanks for sharing.💕 (RUC)

  4. My work out thus far is just something quick in the morning and then usually a walk at night. Yes music is so important. Yes being entertainer is good which is why I love classes but I haven’t joined one lately

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