1. No iceberg,the Titanic were being rushed were being rushed.Had leaks,300 hundred men were added to man the pumps.Overcame with the cold,they lit some coal for heat,thus the explosion.

  2. First reason for why this isn’t true is that while she was still being built when they were practicing the boilers and stuff the ship caught on fire and the white star line felt it wasn’t needed to repair the metal and that’s where the ice berg struck if it had not caught on fire the titanic would have had a lot more survivors but due to the ice berg it sank faster than it would have

  3. The Titanic was swapped and was in fact the sisters ship called the Britannic that sunk on this day? Deliberately sunk because of damage caused in a different accident. The real Titanic sank later on in an attempt to cover up the fraud!

  4. It was an insurance job they switched the ship a few days before it sailed with it's sister ship the Olympia, a much older and tired out ship. The plan was to sink the Titanic (Olympia) but rescue all the passengers, the plan went wrong. The underwater ice cruncher that was used to put the hole in the side of the ship made the hole too big, which is why it went down so quickly. Then they would blame it all on an iceberg, to claim insurance . As for the Olympia which was at the time ready for the knackers yard, continued to sail for many years after like a new ship.

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