1. He is lean, extremely tall, sexy, fit and very handsome with cool personality. Some guys here commenting hate out of envy & stupidity! He clearly stated he wants lean muscles. He is a natural & damn it works so well on him! That water shots are to die for! 🔥

  2. To all the salty folk on here commenting on his lifting ability and whether his work out meets your standards, remember the guy is an actor. He wanted to get fit and to fill out a little. He wasn’t looking to become the Rock. Not everyone who works out wants to be a bodybuilder. Grow up.

  3. well he is not a bodybuilder so stop complaining, he only train to be in good shape & woman like that, they dont like big guys…atleast not most of them

  4. I keep seeing a lot of negative comments. Not everyone watching this video are here to see this guy's workout video for tips on getting in shape. They came because Tom Ellis posted this on his Twitter, so they are watching it. They have no desire to be in the gym working out. Their only desire is to see this particular man. So, can we all be nice?

  5. That feeling when the personal trainer is silent and inanimate throughout, and the client's enthused and giving all the training advice…

    Raise your game, Paolo.

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