1. Hey there Brooke  !! 👋😊   Wonderful channel you have going here !!  Congrats on all your success  , and wishing the best for even more for the rest of  2019 and beyond !!  Excellent thumbnail and workout here from start to finish. 👍😊   …  Physique is on an elite level as well , with great bicep peaks , chiseled triceps , abs , back …  and well developed shoulders and legs. 😊 👏   …   So I wondered, is there any upper body exercise  in particular that you felt like you've made the most progress with in terms of form / technique or even number of reps that you can handle over these last few months, coming into 2019  ??    ….   Well keep going strong , definitely keep on flexing  💪   and keep on inspiring. 😊  Look forward to being apart of the Brooke Griffin  fan club !!   Cheers. 🍷😎

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