1. Giiiirl, after a few MONTHS of a setback I finally got to the gym last Monday and I did your last leg workout posted on YT and let me just tell you, that today, which is two days after (the time I'm always sore the most) I'm barely moving, okay :D. I love that pain, I love that I came back, and I love how You motivate everybody around You. I've been enjoying your videos for the past few years now, so thank You for that. Today I'm going to do this particular workout and I cannot wait for that pain and soreness, okay!

  2. 1:08
    3 sets of 8-10 single-arm dumbbell press

    TRI-SET | 3 SETS

    3:19 12 straight bar cable tricep pushdown

    3:59 12 cable rope face pulls

    5:01 12 cable upright row


    6:03 12 diamond front raises

    6:58 12 lateral raises


    8:19 12 close grip floor press

    9:10 10 lying kettlebell or dumbbell tricep extension

    10:56 BURNOUT | 2 SETS

    Lateral raise machine drop set… reduce weight with every set

    10 reps

    12 reps

    15 reps

  3. Just recently gotten back into fitness and taking care of myself again. I found your videos and they have been such a huge help for me! I get so bored at the gym, but I workout along to your videos and they have been so awesome! I’ve never seen as much change in such a short amount of time as when I started following your workouts. Thank you for taking the time to post them!

  4. I can't believe you spend so much time in every video explaining what a triset and superset is and avoid explaining technical terms. For example, stop using the term 'internal rotation of shoulder' if you're not going to explain what it is. I had to click out of this video and search to understand what it is. Please try to be more thorough in your videos.

  5. I freaking love you. You cracking me up girl. Thanks so much for your form explanations. My shoulders are all jacked up from not knowing the proper form….so everyone. Listen to yo girl!

  6. How about workouts that will strengthen inner thigh and strengthening back of legs and gluteus without building quad muscle. Too much quad muscle would make petite women look much shorter. Its better to maintain legs lean. Any advise?

  7. Hello,
    long time viewer – first time commenter. What are your thoughts on the Mountain Climber. You said you sent a fan of machines but I’m a new mom and can’t find the time. I really want to work out my arms and stomach and I need to tackle my troubles spots in one punch.

  8. Thank you for helping me stay motivated since day one of my fitness journey a couple years ago:) Couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like you consistently making amazing content for the world❤️

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