1. I don't own a rope, but I've learned that the principles of your program hold true, the essential motion of bouncing up and down burns a lot of calories and fat. I don't even want to buy a rope, I just follow the motions you do in the workouts and move my arms accordingly. If I want the added benefits of the weighted hands I just hold light weights. You can literally bounce anywhere on earth so there's no excuse to not get your cardio on. That quick bounce is a beast. If you can hold it for more than a minute you will heat up and break a sweat fast. I like using the quick workouts as well for prerun warmups. Thanks dudes loving the channel.

  2. Question: Lets say someone does this intense training few times a day – 2 or more, will you be able to see results in few monts – 2 or more. Should you be doing this kind of workout few times a day ? And when to expect some results ?

  3. Do you know about how many calories are burned during this workout, & do you continue to burn hours later? You prolly discuss this in other vids, just haven't run across it yet.

  4. Hello zen dude! Ive been watching and enjoying the videos, I'm really great full with you guys. But I want to buy this rope! And now you're in my country. So, you could help me ?

  5. Guys! Great video! How can I blend weightlifting and DO.THE.THING-jumping rope to get lean but gain muscle in the journey? Saving the proportions.

  6. I have a question, this might sound super silly but anywho, Imma ask it anyways.

    Imagine if someone wants to lose about 5/7 pounds, or may be just want to tone up from being skinny fat, can s/he go beast mode for couple of months and then when done with the weight loss, if s/he comes back to normal routine of 30/40 minute session 5/6 times a week, will the person gain the pound back? Or going steady is the only way here?

  7. Dude, I can't believe you're really here in Colombia.
    I started watching your videos because I was really out of motivation for going out and exercising my ass off, but I'm now ultra-motivated jumpin rope instead. Amazing video! (thanks for making clear that we are not in 1993 anymore at the start of the video, really appreciated that) looking forward to met you guys some day.

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