1. Th at nurse shoe, oops, I mean the On Cloud, looks like the Reebeok Tubes runner, which came out over 10 years ago. Sneakerheads have memory banks like elephants.

  2. all these shoes are not for our natural walking for humans
    forget these high heel sport shoes mate
    they maybe comfy but never healthy

  3. I have two pair of ultra boost 3.0 and a pair of ultra boost 3.0 uncaged. Most comfy and best looking shoes iv had in my life.

  4. I’m sorry but the on cloud deserves so much more respect. Legit the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve put on (and I own an ultra boost which is also quite good of course), plus it’s a slip on, and looks sleek af. One of the best decisions I made buying it and I hope more people give it a chance. Amazing to wear when working out and/or running, plus looks good with a pair of jeans as well.

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