1. Carl Lewis doesnt deserve to be mentioned on this list, he has been drug abusing ever since, he got tested positive every time, but they still let him race/compete, disgraceful.

  2. Hey TPR. Perhaps you can do a Vid on the ultimate World Record in T&F? Percentage of difference between the WR and 2nd best ever would make most sense.

  3. I would include the discontinued events in my list and Paavo Nurmi and Ray Ewry would rank high on the list…. Ewry was soooo dominant in the standing jumps– 10 golds (counting 1906) at the Olympics from 1900 to 1908!!!

  4. Jan Zelezny deserves to be on this list. Six gold and one silver, holds the Javelin world record 98.48 which is absolutely ridiculous.

  5. Usain bolt have some flaws in his running… His shoulders flop around up and down in comparision to others atheltes forecample the guy next to him that generated the maximum force possible for him. So in conclusion Usain bolt could have been even faster

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