1. My excitement to try “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) fat loss program is at all time high. My eating habits as well as my frequency of few workouts wasn`t altered as well as change. In merely a short period of Four weeks, I already dropped 6 pounds. With this this approach, I did notice that I ate less and filled up faster. .

  2. What I think is funny is that he said You can’t do it without a decent diet; well I ate normally like usually would and walk (possibly run) in the morning, then gym, then do my normal shit video games etc… but for 1 month I was loosing weight. I lose 30 lbs in 1 month (360 – 328) but I hit a block and stopped because school started

  3. You said paraphrasing 'if you are eating too many calories and exercising you won't be burning fat'. Surely you'll still be burning fat, just not enough.

  4. I've done this circuit before I have ever seen this video but without the last exercise. I didn't take a break in between each exercise just after all where done. I would do 12-15 reps each exercise 4 rounds. I puked doing it my first time. I would do it 3 days a week with running between days. I lost 6 lbs that week.

  5. If am doing all these workout everyday does that help me to loose fat and gain muscle or doing same workout(making the same muscle to work)will not help me to atain my goal

  6. First 40 seconds is a complete lie….Atheletes have been known to gorge on junk, Big Macs,Whoppers etc then shred it off (and then some) in the gym….But continue.

  7. I watched your other video said that we cannot target any certain place of fat.. and now you are telling me exercises to lose (targeting) the belly fat

    I just confused

  8. Please suggest some exercises to burn belly fat and love handles for the persons who can't go to gym ….but can workout in home ……pls suggest some home workouts

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