1. CURTIS!! so as I said in my first comment 3 weeks ago I’d bought all 5 of the above supplements!
    #1 EDGE OF INSANITY is strong as hell!! In fact took a whole 24hrs until I was myself again!! Lol
    #2 TOTAL WAR, main effect I felt was heat!! Really hot face throughout! But a lot of energy!
    #3 KRAKEN I’d tried before and not sure if it was because I had a day after the edge of insanity but wasn’t half as strong as I remember!
    #4 GHOST LEGEND, agree on your review vid the product is put together amazingly well! Lots of time and effort shows! And I really enjoyed the feel!
    #5 AWESOME preworkout.. sadly didn’t live up to its name, I honestly felt nothing but I’m not saying it’s bad.. just certainly not awesome!
    Top marks for the top 4 though 👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Awesome preworkout is gyping you creatine is in there for no reason unless you take preworkout everyday witch can cause probpems and be unhealthy creatine takes time to be synthesized in your liver anywhere from a day to 5 making taking creatine 30 mins or right before yourworkout makes no sense

  3. and incase you are wondering jym is the worst that stuff smells like sewage and taste so bad idk how it's survived this long after trying it i avoid that brand completely.

  4. Try Gameday its absolutely incrediable. Mad reps nd crazy pumps. They have 3 flavors, sherbet, sour patch, limeade. Have tried limeade but sour patch is great nd sherbet is out of this world. 30 servings for 30ish bucks. Well worth it guys

  5. Noticed the protein lost and multi vitamin list says “coming soon”… do you have an eta on that?

    Appreciate your reviews.

  6. My list has none of those, tho I have tried them, too. Kraken used to be good by got reformulated. Also number 5 does nothing (for me). Check these out if you havent:

    1. Anarchy Labs Assassins (v4)
    2. Arez Titanium
    3. Juggernaut Nutrition Wild
    4. Amped Af
    5. Chemix

  7. I use total war, and I have just under half a scoop…I work out for 1.5 – 2 hours at a time. It is clean and I maintain a consistent level of energy throughout every work out and I never feel like my heart is smashing through my chest, I’m usually really sensitive to pre workouts but total war is great for me.

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