1. Torrie didn’t deserve a run with the belt bc even she’ll tell you she wasn’t on Trish Lita Mickie or Victoria’s level as a wrestler. But definitely glad she got inducted. Now induct Mickie James and Victoria

  2. Torrie Wilson may have played her part in the Women's division of that era but I don't think she did enough to get a HOF induction. More importantly she doesn't deserve to get inducted ahead of Victoria and Jazz which shows what a joke the WWE Hall of Fame has become.

  3. I know im getting old when people that were wrestling when i started watching wwe are now in the hall of fame trish lita now torrie all in the hall of fame that's crazy

  4. Sable, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Stacy Keibler, Michelle McCool, Melina, Terri Runnels and the Bella Twins should be the next divas inducted into the Hall of Fame. I don't know in what order but those are the ones that make the most sense. I'd include AJ Lee but it's not going to happen until her husband makes amends with WWE, so maybe in 10 years.

  5. People getting mad at her Induction? Why? She was brought in because of her looks and to be hot, and she exceeded in doing that. Might not have been, at best average, but she did what she was hired to do

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