1. I think this one is my absolute favorite! I've done it several times since you posted it, and sometimes twice in a row. I would love to see more videos like this one!

  2. Great total body circuit. Short and variety of excercises even though the switch in weight between the dumbells is a bit hard to keep up for 30 sec.
    Thank you Heather.👍💪🤗

  3. Killer workout! Never gets boring. Thanks for getting back in killer shape after having a baby! These are perfect to do in my living room while he takes a nap. 👍🏼🙌🏼
    P.S. some days I wear my resistance band around my ankles to make the lunges a little more challenging and man, do I feel the burn 🔥

  4. Just finished this workout, thank you so much I really enjoyed it. After a week of being sick that's all I needed to make me feel good again.😘 Please do more of these type of workouts, love mixing strength with weights.xxx

  5. I've tried a lot of YouTube workout videos and I really like yours Heather! This video was great and then the cardio almost killed me. Thanks for the good workout!

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