1. Intense workout and certainly targets the right areas but a word of caution: NOT for beginners. Collapsed half way through the first round, had a panic attack because my best wasn't even close to good enough, and then wanted to throw up and cry (more)….so if you're not JACKED then use light weights, do less reps, and only do 1 round….don't push yourself too hard like I did or you'll feel crappy and unmotivated.

    Next time, I think I will try to do the 1st exercise of each target area the first round…then move on to the 2nd exercise of each target area the second round…and then finally the 3rd exercise of each target area the last round. Then repeat if I'm not dying.

  2. These are amazing exercises and we'll taught. It is my opinion doing 3 straight of the same muscle will lead to lack of tap in target area. To get around this do first exercise of each muscle grouping, this will keep your cardio at same level and improve form which she explains very well.

  3. Like this w/o first i watched. Completed 2 rounds despite my lack of energy lately and topped with lack of sleep last night. Think i need energy booster urgently.

  4. brutal
    3 rounds( 10lbs dbls;20lbs dbls and 37lbs sbag)
    I was dead after first round 20min
    finished 3 r in 58min
    so happy you didn't throw some burpee bonus at the end!!

  5. I've been watching Jeff's bodyweight videos for a while and just came across this… How am I going back now?! Melissa, you're one flamin' hot brunette… Had to say that.

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